Agriculture Input And Services


RADAR Agro Producer Company limited Mainly Concentrates on the Production of Rice(Organic),Organic Manure, Organic Vegetables, good, Grains, Agriculture Input and Services, Plantation( Fruit, Forest, Medicinal),Milk (A2)

  • Agriculture Input And Services

    Organic agriculture forges a path for sustainable food supplies. Organic farmers work to improve soil fertility by rotating crops, using cover crops and tilling the soil. By not using pesticides, farmers allow groundwater to maintain greater quality and cleanliness. These methods encourage biodiversity in crops, maintain more natural environments in and around farms, and create habitats for flora and fauna.

  • Farmers Improve Their Communities

    Another positive development in farming is the rapid expansion of farmers markets. Farmers markets allow small farmers to interact directly with consumers. The food system remains within the local economy by being locally produced and eliminates the need for long-distance transportation. The opportunity to purchase locally grown food proves invaluable as the demand for it rises. Consumers benefit from healthier food options, and farmers benefit from new opportunities to sell their crops. Consumers and their children can learn first hand from farmers about products, and how they are raised. Farmers interact with and improve the communities they serve..